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9 October 2010

HAA Community Mingles in New York City & Montreal

These events have been postponed for a year.

[Version Française à venir]

Play hockey in Montreal and outdoors in New York City’s Central Park this November.  We’re taking player registration now!

Both events are mingle formatted tournaments, which means you register as an individual and we build teams from the pool of players. Get your HAA buddies and team-mates together and sign up today. If you want to play as a group on one of the teams, we’ll do are best accommodate.

The New York City Fee is $80 (Nov. 27th)

The Montreal Fee is $40 (Nov. 20th & 21st)

If you sign up for both the Fee is $110

To register, please follow these two steps.

1. Fill out the on-line Registration Form below.

2. Next, email, paypal or mail your fee. along with a note indicating who the payment is for.

Email money transfers or PayPal payments can be sent to

If you choose to pay using PayPal, please note that all PayPal payments must include an additional $5 to cover PayPal service charges

Regular mailed cheques can be sent to:

12 Abell St.
Toronto, ON
M6J 0A9

Cheques can be made out to “HAA.”

Any registration fees received after all spots have been filled, will be returned in full. Please see below for additional information. If you still have any questions, please e-mail them to

Scroll down below the registration form for details on each tournament.

[If the on-line Registration Form does not appear here, please go to this link]


Montreal Details:

The tournament will be in a Mingle Format. Details on the Mingle Format are below.

Date: Nov. 20th & 21st

Arena: Arena Mt-Royal (4365 Cartier)

Each participant will play a minimum of 3 games over the 2 days (2 on Nov. 20th & 1 or 2 on Nov. 21st)

3 x 15 minutes (running clock)

2 goal difference and less = last 2 minutes of 3rd period is stop time

1 Woman minimum on each team

0,5 extra point for no penalty game and -0,5 for 5 penalties game

New York City Details:

The tournament will be in a Mingle Format. Details on the Mingle Format are below.

Date: Nov. 27th

Arena: Trump Lasker Rink in Central Park

Each game is 2 twenty-minute running clock periods. Penalties are stopped clock. Each team plays 3 or 4 games.

Teams take warm ups at the cost of game time.


Icing is not called

No Body-checking

Mingle Format Details:

Players must register as individuals, after which they will be drafted onto a team.  To be eligible to participate, you must be a member of the HAA. If you are not a member of the HAA, you can read the details on getting involved with the HAA [here].

Registrants will be signed up on a first paid/first served basis (meaning spots will be reserved based on when fee payment is received, not when Registration Form is received).

Players register individually and are then drafted onto a teams at a Team Managers’ draft. The draft process results in relative parity between teams and plenty of camaraderie. The details of the draft (including who was picked in what round) are sealed so as to avoid bruising or bolstering any egos.

All successfully registered players will be informed as to what team they are playing for by their respective Team Manager within a week of the draft.

Because the teams are mixed and co-ed, the tournaments have a particular appeal to players who enjoy making new friends.

The tournaments observe all regular HAA and Hockey Canada rules and regulations, incl. mandatory wearing of face protection (half-visor minimum).

Individual players are subject to the same expectations of friendly, non-abusive play as well as the same disciplinary measures as HAA organizations and functions.

Any players interested in taking on the responsibilities and duties of Team and Assistant Team Managers are encouraged to indicate that upon registration. All Team Managers should have strong organizational skills, be willing to coordinate regularly with Team-mates and other Tournament organizers.

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25 March 2008

Hackatistas – We’re Not Gonna Take It


From the 2008 Exclaim! Hockey Summit Hootenanny.

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11 February 2008

’87 Flames Red Hot


You can climb the highest mountain
You can put a man on the moon
You can see to the horizon
You can sing a brand new tune

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9 February 2008

Sportscentre: Jokers Update (2004)


“Whether it’s a slap-shot or slap-stick, it appears that the Jokers hockey club is causing quite a stir in the hockey world…”

See also: Part 2

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8 February 2008

The Imponderables: The Compact Disc


The classic Canadian tale of a young boy, his hero, and the disaster of mail order catalogue service.

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